Friday, February 29, 2008

My poem.....

The way you shimmer in light
dancing to a music that no one can hear
as if waiting for a crescendo,
wishing to fly, gliding on air,
but never takes off.....

The way you shimmer in light
moving without a wave of motion
beckoning me with your accents, your faux sophistication,
begging for a sip of from your lips,
but is left to a plateau....

The way you shimmer in light
I thought I would want to be with you,
your scent like hands drawing me to your rim
finishing smooth and mellow
but leaving me heart broken....

To me you shimmer no more....

1 comment:

A Long Time Coming said...

Before people read this poem and think I am depressed, I was simply drinking a glass of red when after looking at the glass, wondering what it would be like to write a review about a wine that had been hyped up to be a wonderful drink, to only be left hanging by it's own character.