Sunday, August 17, 2008


The Lord has shown me in his words to Hosea speaking to the Israelites, that he loves us more than we could even fathom. If we sit and think of how good, holy, kind and loving our God is..... if we ponder on how he would send his son to die for us as a living a final sacrifice for our sins, that we may sin no more.....that we can even talk to a God who is so huge and mighty, yet longs for us to give him praise and can we even think of doing something that would hinder that? How can we look at others with lustful eyes? How could we talk about others behind their backs? How could we make flash judgments on people based on color, sex or other issues beyond our control? When we do these things, we are saying that God is not enough for us. We are saying that we need to tear someone down to be happy. We are saying that we need this other person in our lives to be happy.

The Israelites added other gods to their worship, not denying the God they loved per say, but said he wasn't enough. What if I did that to my wife? If I said, "Kristi, I love you, but I think I could use a few more women around, because you can't fulfill my needs." That is horrid, but that is what we do every time sin. We are saying, "God, I love you, but I need to talk about my co worker to make me feel better because you cannot".

Just something to think about. Read Hosea 3 and 4 and see what you come up with :)

Love you