Sunday, August 17, 2008


The Lord has shown me in his words to Hosea speaking to the Israelites, that he loves us more than we could even fathom. If we sit and think of how good, holy, kind and loving our God is..... if we ponder on how he would send his son to die for us as a living a final sacrifice for our sins, that we may sin no more.....that we can even talk to a God who is so huge and mighty, yet longs for us to give him praise and can we even think of doing something that would hinder that? How can we look at others with lustful eyes? How could we talk about others behind their backs? How could we make flash judgments on people based on color, sex or other issues beyond our control? When we do these things, we are saying that God is not enough for us. We are saying that we need to tear someone down to be happy. We are saying that we need this other person in our lives to be happy.

The Israelites added other gods to their worship, not denying the God they loved per say, but said he wasn't enough. What if I did that to my wife? If I said, "Kristi, I love you, but I think I could use a few more women around, because you can't fulfill my needs." That is horrid, but that is what we do every time sin. We are saying, "God, I love you, but I need to talk about my co worker to make me feel better because you cannot".

Just something to think about. Read Hosea 3 and 4 and see what you come up with :)

Love you

Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Evening,

It has been a long time since I sat down with my thoughts. When I am relaxing lately, it has involved my guitar and just letting the strings sing to my heart through random movements and chord changes.

Two years have been spent with the dear woman I call my beloved. Through the two years, we have had small issues that show their ugly faces, especially when we are enjoying life at the moment. But I cannot get past the fact that God has given such an angel in disguise to me. I see it when we are doing tasks for others the most, but even the little things. Pieces of cake could fall to the ground but my plate is there to catch for the guests. It is so fluid. And it is moments like those that we take joy knowing that God, in all his sovereignty, has put us together.

Praise the Lord for my partner in faith, and praise the Lord for the friends who encourage.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I miss my mom.....

Through all the good times
Through all the bad times
I wish you were still here with me

I miss the snow ball fights
I miss those long long nights
Of questions about the one you would soon
come to know yourself

And I know I will see you again.......

You used to laugh a lot
About things that I thought
Were kinda dumb, now I laugh

The way you loved on me
The way you cheered me on and how
you always cared so much

And I know I will see you again.....
I know it won't be long, til we're both singing

Friday, February 29, 2008

My poem.....

The way you shimmer in light
dancing to a music that no one can hear
as if waiting for a crescendo,
wishing to fly, gliding on air,
but never takes off.....

The way you shimmer in light
moving without a wave of motion
beckoning me with your accents, your faux sophistication,
begging for a sip of from your lips,
but is left to a plateau....

The way you shimmer in light
I thought I would want to be with you,
your scent like hands drawing me to your rim
finishing smooth and mellow
but leaving me heart broken....

To me you shimmer no more....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kristi will Find this sooner or later

I am sitting watching out the window as the snow falls onto the once green grass of the back yard. It is 9:35 and a bit of boredom has started creeping in. Blogging was not what I would have pictured doing with an evening, but one must do something while the rest of the world watches Lost correct? So I sit, sipping blueberry-green tea, and watch the snow fall.
It is beautiful. How when you go for a stroll and the only thing you hear is snow caressing the ground. Cars drive by in an almost utter silence and light reflects off the wall of shimmer which falls to earth ever so gently.
It is beautiful, and it makes me wonder.....will heaven have snow? I know that may seem silly, but I love snow. What it represents, how we were once in sin, and now, through the grace of a God so big that he loves us enough to forgive us. To forgive us every time we sin. To encourage us not to time and time and time and time again. As His shimmer falls on us and caresses us ever so gently.
I am sitting watching snow......